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HY GROUP LLC helps you optimize your business goals and objectives. We concentrate on business opportunities between Turkey and The United States of America in a wide spectrum of business areas which benefits a vast majority of companies by providing a strong bridge. By providing over 20 years of knowledge and know-how in various markets, we provide personalized services for companies in the US market.

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Business Roadmaps Built Exactly To Your Business Structure!

We plan the best business scenario to suit your business agenda. By providing a strong business roadmap and a profitable plan alongside, you can grow your sales pipeline in a shorter time with a strong infrastructure.

Our services are

  • Pinpoint reliable and experienced manufacturers while you only concentrate on your marketing and sales activities, 
  • Offer valuable services from our concrete and growing database of valuable vendors which suits your business market,
  •  Construct a rigid bridge to secure your product development and procurement planning during your order process with one of vendors via our inspection services,
  • Market your product ideas with our customer-base in Turkey and convert it to a business opportunity to benefit both parties,
  • And much more… 

Our Specialties

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Business Consulting

Market Research

Mergers & Acquisitions

logistıcs and ınspectıon servıces

product development / productıon

management servıces

procurement servıces

ın-house desıgn servıces

ımport / export consultıng



What We Can Do For You

Throughout years, we created a strong bridge towards new business ventures by creating mergers and acquisitions both in Turkey and The U.S. Now, we are sharing our expertise in cross-cultural business opportunities to market your idea to Turkey or find the best production facility to make your design idea into a real product / service.  


Our consultant team can help you achieve your business ventures into reality!

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Your idea can flourish into a full-blown business product / service. We can market your idea to emerging market for maximum profit.

decıde & conquer

No matter what your decision is, we can help you conquer your business idea to new heights.

We can help you

Make Your Own Opportunities

Making the right decision to maximize your profit can sometimes be challenging and less cost affecting, if you do not have the right tools to work with. Our expertise and experience in a vast majority of business prospects can help you minimize your time and efforts and in return maximize your sales pipeline which can then turn into higher ROI. We are here to help you decide what is best for you and your business idea!  

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